The world is facing a rapid change in energy production and our perspective on energy usage. To enable the transition from grey energy (coal, oil and gas) towards green energy (wind, solar and water) OpenRemote has donated a windmill to Delta with the goal to create products to support the transition.

windmill in the snow

Optimizing the relation between renewable and non-renewable energy.

The Wind and Power project focusses on creating a system to allow Fontys to generate electricity through wind. The goal of the project is to enable software developers and data specialists to create their own products based of energy production. Developers must be able to obtain the data to create smart applications and data specialists must be able to create smart and time specific products to allow for predictive models.

A project to experiment and create

The stakeholder for the project is OpenRemote. The windmill is an experiment to create a predictive model for wind energy production. To allow for the creation of this experiment, students must create a method to extract, standardize and host the data for FHICT Delta usage.

Made by Delta students

Melanie Knotters - Developer
Andrada Pancu - Developer
Shallwin Silvania - Data-analyst and process developer
Niels van der Burg - Project lead and process developer