Strijp-T Hotspots



Strijp-T is an innovation district in Eindhoven and it's the place where we Delta students can be found. Many high-tech businesses are located here. Our challenge was to further enhance the identity of Strijp-T and all of its residents.

The business park with character

For the Strijp-T project, we were given the challenge to further improve the identity of Strijp-T. We have come up with a number of concepts and presented them to our client from Strijp-T.

One of the concepts is to further reflect the history of Philips at Strijp-T. To do this we are working on the Strijp-T Hotspots app. A progressive web app with which visitors/residents of Strijp-T can find various Hotspots and get a video/text/AR/VR experience on location. In addition to the history of Philips, this solution also highlights the various companies located at Strijp-T.

The Strijp-T Hotspots app will attract new visitors and give existing 'residents' in particular more insights into their daily workplace. It is, as it were, an interactive high-tech map of Strijp-T, which gives a whole new meaning to finding different places!

To accomplish this mission, we have designed and developed a progressive web app with VueJS which users can easily install on their phones. Next to that, we build a custom API which contains all the data from every business and hotspot at Strijp-T. Users get an interactive map where they can see nearby hotspots and all information related to it.

Made by Delta students

Max van Hattum — Project lead, Developer
Jordy Arntz — Designer, Developer
Caroline van de Ven — Designer, Developer
Seline Warners — Designer, Developer
Stijn Verhagen — Designer, Developer