Goevaers SnelMelder


Goevaers & ZNN BV

Construction company Goevaers and GEVA-vastgoed construct and renovate their own real estate, which they then rent out. They reached out to turn their report form into an app for construction workers to use. They want to use this app to share knowledge about typical hazardous situations at the construction site and to hasten the process of fixing them.

An app to reduce accidents at construction sites.

Currently, Goevaers and GEVA-vastgoed report harmful circumstances using a paper form. Goevaers and GEVA-vastgoed wish to establish the habit of filling out these papers before an accident occurs since, in practice, this only occurs after one has occurred. The threshold to stop working in such a curcumstance in order to fill out a form, according to Goevaers and GEVA-vastgoed, is too high.

Creating an information system for different users

The goal of Goevaers and GEVA-vastgoed is to lower this threshold by enabling employees to submit reports on their own. Construction workers have the option to take a photo, provide information, select the sort of incident that occurred, and specify the location when a dangerous condition or accident occurs. This report will then be submitted to the project executive so that he or she can add more details before being delivered by email to the responsible parties.

Made by Delta students

Eline Vooijs - Front-end Development & design
Bas van Mil - Backend Development
Jard van Roest - Development
Marijn van Dijk - Development
Tara Willink - Development
Jordy Arntz - Development
Stijn Verhagen - Development
Koen Janssen - Development
Mees van Straten - Development
Bart van Eijkelenburg - Development