Feel The Spark



“Feel the spark” shows us a creation on the boundary between two worlds, while it is trying to find a connection with the humans passing it by. With its vivid coloured fur and mesmerizing patterns on it, it tries to attract the humans to touch it.

Welcome to the world unknown - stretch out your hand and feel the spark!

Different kinds of interaction will trigger different behaviours on this living installation. Just like us, it can be lonely, curious or overstimulated. The way it responds to touch, movement and sound depends on the mood its in.

The Sparky installation was on display during the light festival GLOW, between 07/11/2018 - 18/11/2018 at the Pullman Hotel in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

"Living" optical fibres

The creature's “fur” was made from optical fibers, and interaction with the installation was captured through flex- sensors, which detect touch with the fibers by measuring if the fibers are being bent. Below each optical fiber object is a LED, which are controlled by the lighting software “LightJams”, through a custom built LED controller PCB and Arduino Mega. The idea was that depending on the level of intensity of the interaction, the fibres of the creature would change color. The color then represents the "mood" of the creature.

Made by Delta students

Kasper Hämäläinen - Project Leader
Davey Hurkmans - Communication Officer / Designer
Rebecca Zwijnenburg - Designer
Max Korlaar - Interaction Designer
Yevheniia Buzykina - Interaction Designer
Vincent Venhuizen - Technology Engineer
Marius Cojocaru Alexandru - Technology Engineer