Farmbot is a fully automated micro-farm. The Farmbot team is tasked with extending its usability to showcase the future of micro-farming.

"Call me Farmie"

The Farmbot is a 3 meter long machine that takes care of the plants growing in its reach. In order to make it more approachable a logo and name have been designed. The goal of this project is to get people in the building to interact with the technology and get knowledgeable about the concept of micro-farming.

The Farmbot is an existing open source project that has been implemented and extended for Delta's use. It exists out of 3D- printer hardware, that is used to control motors to pick up a number of heads.
With these heads the Farmbot can give water, plant seeds, take out weeds and take soil mesurements. It is also equipped with a camera with which it can make pictures but also height mesurements.

Made by Delta students

Kalle Pronk - Project Lead, developer
Job Jenniskens - Developer
Julia Slaats - Designer, developer
Gijs Horsten - Developer
Lucas Castelein - Developer