Solar Team Eindhoven


Solar Team Eindhoven

The three projects we created from scratch are: the design and development of the new Solar Team TU/E website, the design and development of the infotainment system and last but not least the design and development of the dashboard. Where the infotainment system would be used to give the driver various forms of information as well as the standard infotainment functions for example radio. The dashboard will contain the driving essential information.

"Your future is our challenge"

Solar Team has been working on innovative solar powered cars for years. Their focus in the past was a family car, but after the commercial release of a solar powered family car they have been focussing on a new project, since they want to operate separate from the market. Within this new project we were asked to contribute to the technical communication aspects being the infotainment system and the dashboard. As well as a marketing component being the website.

The realisation of the dashboard meant establishing communication between the car’s systems and the car’s board computer being the Toradex IMX.8. After the establishment of said communication analysis of all the possible messages followed. All these messages are processed by QT and trigger the according RDW verified symbols. This was just the technical component of this project, since there was an adequate completely custom design for the dashboard.

The old Solar Team Eindhoven website was due for a fresh look and was completely rebuild from scratch with custom designs. The new Solar Team Eindhoven website makes use of a headless CMS making it customisable by the team members.

The Infotainment system uses the same messaging system as the dashboard. The infotainment system uses a whole different stream of data to give insight into information that is not wanted nor displayed on the dashboard. The whole design of the infotainment is custom made by Delta on request. Main focus points regarding this project were the design phase, since the infotainment system has a lot of different pages and widgets. The said widgets also have extended views which needed to be designed accordingly.

Made by Delta students

Bas Beckers — Project Lead, Back-end Developer
Jordy Arntz — Designer, Developer
Walter Sajtos — Full-stack Developer
Lisanne Verbeet — Designer, Developer
Lieke van der Voort — Designer, Developer
Fleur van Osta — Designer, Developer