De BeeldBuis 2020



Every year, a group of Delta students participates in one of the most famous festivals in the Netherlands: Paaspop. For this edition of Paaspop a whole newly designed Timetable has been developed and various minigames have been made for the visitors of Paaspop, in which they can participate in from their own mobile phones.

"...well-thought-out, beautifully designed..."

For the screens of the main stage and the screens of the center piece decor of the terrain, the "Timetable" has been developed. The timetable is a yearly recurring concept, and is an interactive visualisation of the various acts that will take place within the next half hour. Entirely designed in Paaspop's house style, visitors are encouraged to go to different performances if they have not planned anything yet.

"Ik Heb Liever" is one of the created minigames. A Would You Rather game in which the visitors get a new set of 2 options to choose between every 25 seconds. Would you prefer walking on crocs for the rest of the day or not wear any shoes at all? No Wi-Fi or no heating at home? A great way to provide entertaining topics to talk about and get the visitors to have funny discussions with one another. The choices and current score are displayed on the main stage’s screens and the visitors enter their preferred choice through the web application on their mobile phones.

While Paaspop 2020 was unfortunately canceled due to circumstances, Paaspop had the following to say about our work:

"The group of Delta students of 2020 has proven themselves as real experts who carried out what the ICT & Media Design program stands for: a well-thought-out combination of in-depth technology, sharp design, and all this with a clear goal in mind.

Whereas other students in recent years have mainly focused on other angles such as video and animation, this group has been able to deliver the best results up until this point: well-thought-out, beautifully designed, and completely ready for launch. The approach to commit to a series of minigames offers a beautiful platform that suits Paaspop as a festival: colorful, humorous, and accessible. This, in addition to things like the interactive timetable, creates one uniform product that is fun, informative, and stimulating.

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, the delivery was not allowed to take place, but something good and well preserved will not lose its value. The collaboration went smoothly and on a high level, and we would definitely like to apply the concepts next year!"

Modern web applications, for a huge audience

The Timetable has been developed as an interactive web application, built and styled with HTML and (Sassy) CSS. For this edition, a completely new Timetable has been designed based on Paaspop's current style guide. In order to make the Timetable interactive, Vue.JS has been used to add reactivity to the Timetable, based on data supplied by Paaspop and parsed by our own Timetable data parser.

De BeeldBuis

"De BeeldBuis" participates in the Paaspop festival every year with new, interactive concepts to keep the festival-goers amused during their stay.

Sven Jeurgens - project lead, design and development of "Paaspop Quiz"
Max Korlaar - project lead, design and development of the Timetable
Nigel Ridderhof - front-end, content and design of "Ik Heb Liever", concepting Timetable
Jurjen Verbruggen - project lead of game runner, concepting Timetable