Fontys Internship tool



The ASAM System is a digital platform developed by Delta students for FHICT students, staff and external companies. This new ASAM platform "ASAM next generation" is a new version of the existing ASAM application that improves existing features and adds new ones.

ASAM delta 1
ASAM delta
ASAM delta 2

ASAM-NG allows companies to advertise their assignments and their company on the platform. They can do this by creating a company page which contains information about the company such as it's location, size, contact information, employees, etc. Then companies are able to create multiple assignments that need to be approved by Fontys internship coordinators. After an internship has been approved students can easily search and filter assignments and companies to their liking. This makes it easier to find a fitting and interesting internship.


The project is created with ❤ using Angular and .Net Core. ASAM also makes use of existing Identity servers for authentication like, LinkedIn and FHICT. It's also very likely that it's scope would extend to Fontys wide instead of only FHICT.

Made by Delta students

Joep Verhoeven - Project lead & Developer
Ramon Peek - Scrum master & Developer
Tim Snoek - Developer
Lisanne Verbeet - UX & Designer
Lieke van der Voort - UX & Designer
Niray Mak - Developer
Jurjen Verbruggen - Developer
Walter Sajtos - Developer