About Delta

What is Delta FHICT

Motivated students studying at Fontys ICT will have the unique opportunity to get more from their study of the Delta program. They can apply this to act in addition to the regular curriculum for different projects, for example Fontys or other outside companies. Students work in their spare time for these projects and have therefore exempt the “professional job”, the main contract that runs through a semester.

Students who participate in the Delta program, also known as Delta’s work on their own goals and interests. This may work on ‘exploration projects’, making Delta’s given full freedom to explore a new technology or technique such as Google Glass, Drones, Virtual Reality and 3D printing. But this can also be collaborating on projects for real clients.

The real motivated student with a strong ambition is a unique opportunity to develop a challenging level.

Fontys works with several partners to Delta’s offer the opportunity to taste the businesses and projects carried out there. When companies with a challenge or problem they are able to deposit it at the Deltas, and the Deltas can be committed to bring their knowledge to an appropriate solution.